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Dana LaMon

Dana LaMon

Dana LaMon: Motivational Speaker and Author

Dana LaMon, a blind African-American and retired judge, has been providing professional speaking services since 1991. He earned the title of World Champion of Public Speaking from Toastmasters International in 1992. He spoken to audience from southeast Asia to South Africa, including more than 30 states of the United States of America.

When Dana LaMon speaks, his ultimate goal is to motivate and inspire his listeners to experience meaningful living. That is why he is known internationally as a motivational speaker. He entertains his audience by using humorous anecdotes drawn from his personal experiences as a blind man in a sighted world.

When Dana speaks, one of his objectives is to make the members of the audience feel good about themselves and their capacity for greatness. To this end he provides substantive information and specific actions to keep them motivated long after the presentation is over.

Official Website: http://www.danalamon.com



Christine Temblique


ChristineTemblique, International Director, Region 14

Serving for the second time as International Director for 2011-2012, DTM Christine Temblique who hails from Meycauayan, Philippines, has confirmed her attendance to the KL2012 Annual Convention right here at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

As a member of the Toastmasters International Board of Directors, Temblique is a “working ambassador” for the organization. She works with her fellow Board members to develop, support and modify the policies and procedures that guide the organization in fulfilling its mission.

As a longtime owner and corporate treasurer of MC Display & Metalcraft Corporation, a manufacturer of visual and display merchandising products, she also owns and serves as president of Technical Art Designbuild, which constructs boutiques and stores.

She is a stockholder and corporate secretary of AWD Tech, a company specializing in diesel automotive technology.

Temblique has received appreciation awards from Rotary International and the Province of Bulacan and served as an International Director in 2001-2003.

A Toastmaster for 20 years, Temblique is a member of three clubs in Lucena City, Philippines: Achievers Toastmasters, Meycauayan club and PAHIYAS TM club.

Temblique credits her Toastmasters training for much of her professional development. “Toastmasters has helped me broaden my horizons and better understand different kinds of people,” she says. “It has made me a better communicator and helped me gain skills necessary to successfully manage my company.”

For more information: Toastmasters International profile



John Lau

John DTM

John Lau, DTM, International President-elect. A dedicated Toastmaster for 21 years and member of the Kuching Mandarin and Connections Toastmasters club.

Our very own Malaysian boy, John Lau DTM from Kuching, Sarawak, now serving as International President elect, of Toastmasters International, will be touching base with us again at the KL2012 Annual Convention at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

John  has recently been appointed by Dato Sri Ng Yen Yen, Minister of Tourism as Kesatrian Malaysia ( Knight of Malaysia ) to promote Malaysia as a global center of business events and industries; has successfully completed 11 DTM.

Not only he is Toastmasters working ambassador, he is also our Malaysian Business Events and Industries Ambassador.

John works with the Toastmasters Board of Directors to develop, support and modify the policies and procedures that guide the organization in fulfilling its mission.

John has worked through all the Toastmasters leadership position from club officers, to Area Governor, Division Governor, LGM,. LGET, DG, International Director and on August 18th 2012, he shall assume the office of Toastmasters International President overseeing Toastmasters growth and development in more than 116 countries. When John was the District 51 Governor in 2002-2003, he led the district not only to President’s Distinguished District  BUT Number One District in the world.

He is a Business Management Consultant specialized in organizational competency skill framework and he has been appointed by the Malaysian Human Resource Ministry to conduct the PSMB certified Train the Trainer program. During his free time, he  lectures on marketing management and leadership for MBA  students. He  is also a Supreme Council member and Sarawak State Chairman of the People’s Progressive Party of Malaysia, a component party of the Malaysian Federal Government.

He credits the organization for much of his personal development. “Toastmasters’ core values of integrity, dedication to excellence, respect for the individual and service to its members closely match my own beliefs,” says Lau. “They have enabled me to grow as a professional, and as a Malaysian business leader.”

For more information: Toastmasters International profile



Sheila Wong

Sheila Wong DTM

Sheila Wong, DTM. An active member of Toastmasters, she has taken up leadership positions as Club President, Area Governor and Sponsorship Director plus Welcome Nite Director for PANSEA KL2002, the biggest District 51 convention.

Founder and Master Trainer of SWET ADVANCEMENT CENTRE, she is one of the most successful and sought-after image consultant establishment in Malaysia.

Using the simple and yet profound formula that she teaches, Corporate Image Trainer, Personal Branding Expert and Author SHEILA WONG starts to attract business success, lucrative opportunities and recognition within two short years of embarking on her path, of transforming lives of people by sharing her secrets on image branding techniques.

A highly motivated individual, Sheila packs the power into transforming lives of more than 30,000 people including top corporate executives, professionals, front-liners, both male and female, with her effective image and grooming knowledge and techniques.  She has done corporate consulting and training to more than 100 businesses, institutions and corporations from a diverse industry.

She was appointed as the Malaysian Area Ambassador for AICI (Association of Image Consultants International), the largest image professional body in the world.

She successfully formed the AICI Malaysia chapter and become its Founding President. She is the first and only one in Malaysia to attain AICI CIP (Certified Image Professional) the second higher level of international certification.  In May 2011, she was honored with Award of Excellence in Image, a coveted award given annually to only one professional image consultant internationally.

In her quest to equip more people with knowledge on grooming, she has authored two books,  “GROOM OR BROOM” and “YES, YOU CAN LOOK SLIMMER”.



Maimunah Natasha

Maimunah Natasha, DTM
"Live Life to the Fullest to die empty."

She was born in 1942 in a small village at the Northern part of Indonesia. She is a happy single mother of 4 grown up children and a very happy grandma of 15 grand children. She lives a very happy and blessed life.

She graduated from Indonesian Elementary School, Mandarin High School and a Graduate of English Literature on Prose from the Methodist University. She loves communication and Public speaking and believes these gifts have given her great opportunity to share her passion on life.

Among her many leadership positions she was one of the seven Presidium of the World Methodist Council; The Chairperson of the Indonesian Methodist on Education and Training and The International Director for the Toastmasters International. During her time as the District 51 Governor she led her District to be the number one District in the world. The skills she learned from Toastmasters International and her passion on Leadership and Communication have opened her door of opportunity to lead World organization.

She is currently the chairperson of the Haggai Alumni Association National Board in Indonesia, a Trainer and speaker for conferences and events. She travels around the world speaking in Seminars, Conferences and other events. Today she is a very active Faculty in the HI in Indonesia and International.

She loves education. This passion brings her dream into really. She leads 5 Language and Management schools in Cambodia where she could help reach out to the world through Education; and made her lead a colorful and productive life. She leaves her own businesses, among them two Steel Mills in Jakarta to her older son and plan to live the rest of her life to the fullest.

Her Motto is “Live Life to the fullest to die empty.”


Passion is the single most important key to success. Behind all great architectures, arts, sports, businesses and other great work lay passion. Passion makes life alive. Without passion life is lifeless.

Every successful people love what they do and that is why they can create amazing results in their fields.


Passion will lead you not only to achieve success but also lead you to a fulfilling life. You will become who you are. You will become the person you are supposed to be.


Talent creates opportunities. Passion is the catalyst and developer of talent.

  • Passion transforms average executives and manager into highly effective leaders, energized not to give up when problems cause others to surrender/
  • Passion equips leaders with courage at the right time.
  • Passion allows leaders to continue learning
  • Passion instills leaders a strong sense of responsibility.

In this session you will:

  • Rediscover you PASSION.
  • Renew your COMMITMENT, and
  • Visualize your SUCCESS

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