Thank You !

Dear KL2012 Delegates,

Irene Lee, ACS ALS
KL2012TMC Organizing Chair

Thank you for attending KL2012, our 19th Toastmasters Annual Convention at Sunway Pyramid convention centre. Your presence made a difference to our convention. It is your energy, synergy & warmth that kept us going. My team and I thank you for having the confidence in us for putting up this important event for you.

With your presence all our hard work & sleepless night are worth it. Hope the events we put up were up to your expectation. If there is any area you felt that I overlooked or need to be improved on please do let me know & let it be a learning lesson for me.

I thank you again for the wonderful opportunity given to me & my team. The journey was exciting, exhilarating & wonderful for me. Even though the event has ended, the memories I had with you will lingered on. The photos will remind me how Great the event was because you were here sharing this part of my life journey with me.

Thank you.


Warmest regards,
Irene Lee ACS ALS
KL2012 TMC Organizing Chair


Welcome Night: MaHive & Triller

Event: KL 2012 Toastmasters Convention Welcome Night

Date: 27 April 2012 (Friday)

Dance: MaHive

Dance: Thriller

Dance: Closing Credits

FINAL Update for KL2012 Annual Convention, See You Soon!

Dear Toastmasters and Friends,

Happy day to you!

Useful Information:

I am pleased to share with you the Agenda for the coming convention. The following is attached for your reference:

(a) Click here to download » English Program (27-29 Apr 2012)
(b) Click here to download » Mandarin Program (27-29 Apr 2012)
(c) Click here to download » Updates for Delegates

Please take note on the change of venue for District EXCO Meeting and District Council Meeting, it will now be held at LUXOR Room & Giza 2, Level CP4.

Please refer to the registration time table in the file linked above, titled: Updates for Delegates.

Dress Code:

  • For the Day Event, the dress code throughout the convention is SMART CASUAL attire. (No slippers, No T-Shirts (any kind of T-shirt) )
  • For Business Meeting (i.e. Council Meeting), and Gala Nite, FORMAL attire is required.
  • For Welcome Nite dinner, put on your PARTY suit, you want and you can DANCE.
Have a safe and pleasant trip. We look forward to receive you this Friday!

Registration CLOSED

Dear Fellow Toastmasters and Friends,

Kindly be informed that the full package Registration, and the Individual Events Ticket for the KL2012 Toastmasters Convention is CLOSED as of 24 April 2012 to allow the Organizing Committee to finalize all logistic arrangement with the convention centre management prior to the convention this 27th to 29th April 2012.

If you had submitted your registration and payment, kindly visit the Delegates page to confirm your registration.

Looking forward to seeing you registered delegates and event ticket holders at the KL 2012 Toastmasters Convention!

Sunway Pyramid Shopping List

For your convenience, here is the Sunway Pyramid Shops Listing.
Sourced from:


Click on the outlet’s name or number to view details

Giant  G
Jusco  G
Parkson  G
 Bags & Leather Goods
Bags Affair  F1.AV.159
Bagz Bar  G1.08
Barry Smith  G1.38
BONIA  G1.106
Braun Buffel  G1.35
Carlo Rino  LG1.83
Ceve  LG1.113
Chevy Original  F1.AV.40
Coach  G1.10
Creative  LG1.37
Cuir Boutique  G1.122
ECCO  F1.AV.131
egc  F1.AV.39
Femme Fatale  G1.121
House of Leather  LG2.88
Leather Avenue  G1.76
Quick ’N’ Slick  F1.AV.23
Quick ’N’ Slick  LG2.K.8
Samsonite  LG1.133
 Banking Services
Al -Rajhi ATM  LG1
Alliance ATM  LG2
Alliance Bank  G1.96
Ambank ATM  F1
Ambank ATM  LG1
Bank Simpanan Nasional ATM  LG2
CIMB Card Service Centre  F1.13
CIMB Fast Banking  LG2
Citibank Smart Banking Mini  G1.71
Hong Leong ATM  F1
Maybank ATM  F1
Maybank ATM  LG2
Maybank E Kawanku  G1
Maybank Lifestyle Banking  F1.78
Public Bank ATM  LG2
Western Union  CP2.05
 Beauty Skincare / Perfumery
~H2O+  G1.137
Adonis  LG1.99
Anissa Da Vinci.Vitalab  F1.AV.11
Aster Spring  LG1.97
Beauty Credit  F1.72
Benefit Cosmetics  G1.13
Bizzy Body  F1.20
Black Cat Tattoo  F1.AV.90
Bloop  LG1.65
bluunis  F1.17
Body Perfect  LG1.102
Burt’s Bee  G1.116
Clinique  G1.10
Crabtree & Evelyn  G1.136
Crystal DIY  F1.AV.182
de lacq nail SPA  F1.AV.126
Elianto  LG1.72
Etude House  F1.47
Idemisse  F1.28
JJ Nail Studio  LG1.100
Just Parfum  LG1.115
Laura Mercier  G1.128
M.A.C  G1.09
Marie France Bodyline  F1.76
Mary Chia  LG2.122
Nail Artz  F1.AV.168
Natural Republic  LG1.89
NOPS  LG1.82
Paris Hill  LG2.122
Rivage  LG1.90
SASA  LG1.53
Shins  LG2.138
shu uemura  G1.92
Skin Food  LG1.40
Strip  F1.29
The Body Shop  G1.85
The Face Shop  G1.73
The Lash Bar  F1.AV.58
Yves Rocher  G1.116
 Books / Magazines
Comic Paradise  F1.AV.02
Faber-Castell  LG1.125
M.K News  F1.AV.81
M.K. News  LG3.03
MPH Bookstore  LG2.05  CP2.03  LG2.07
Popular  LG1.123
Three Star Bookshop  B1
CK Dental Surgery  B1
SunMed Clinic  CP2.01
 Digital Lifestyle
Apple Tree  F1.39
Besta  F1.38
Blue Cube  F1.39
CMY Audio & Visual  LG2.03
CSL  F1.37
DIGI Concept Store  LG2.69
Digi Personalized Store  LG2.51
Digital Centre  F1.39
Gadgets Junction  F1.40
Golla  F1.37
Harvey Norman  LG2.140
HTC  F1.40
I Study  F1.36
machines  G1.127
Maxis  F1.99
Mobile Boutique Solutions  F1.AV.185
Mojo Telecomunications  F1.40
Motorola  F1.40
My Berry Concept  F1.AV.86
Nokia Professional Centre  F1.41
One Specialist Mobile  F1.39
P14G  F1.41
P1TSTOP  F1.16
Panasonic  LG2.136
Samsung Digital Store  G1.107
Sony Centre  LG2.133
Sony Ericsson  F1.42
Tron  F1.27
U Mobile  F1.26
Worls of GPS  LG2.142
@Live  OB.1E
32.Bistro.Bar  OB3.LG1.6
Club 9  OB3.LG1.2
CYC Mega Leisure  F1.MZN.01
CYC Mega Leisure World  F1.AV.76
Eve Ladies Pool  OB3.LG1.3
Helo Bali  OB3.F.3
Jungle Jungle  LG3.IR.1
Overtime  OB.K8
Red Box Karaoke  OB2.LG1.U1
Republic  OB.G8
Stars Archery  F1.25
Sunway Mega Lanes  F1.22
Sunway Pyramid Ice  LG3.RINK
T&T Kidzpark  LG2.CTRCOURT
TGV Cinemas IMAX  F1.MZN.01
 Eyewear & Optical
100 Vision  F1.101
A-LOOK  F1.49
Face Fonts  LG1.08
Focus Point  LG2.06
MOG  LG1.55
Optical 88  LG1.95
Optical Arts by MOG  LG2.139
Optimal  LG1.30
Opulence  G1.75
Wazzup  F1.AV.05
 Fashion – Accessories
Black Pearl  LG1.48
Bonita  LG1.127
Braneli  F1.AV.28
Cero Axe  LG2.K.11
Da Louis  LG1.02
Ditdotz  F1.AV.52
Diva London  G1.37
Dragon Silver  F1.31
E-Shine  F1.AV.109
Fash-Up  F1.83
Fossil  G1.102
GUESS Accessories  G1.46
Heart Attack  G1.132
i.i collection  F1.100
Miracle Collections  F1.38
My Tie Shop  LG1.63
Orioli  LG1.83
Pretty2U  LG2.K.10
Sasha  F1.AV.42
Sawks Avenue  F1.AV.26
She Made  F1.AV.62
Sinma  LG1.56
So What  F1.AV.29
Sox World  LG1.90
Z’nexx  F1.AV.53
Z’nexx  LG2.K.9
Zing  LG2.K.7
 Fashion – Traditional Wear
Oriental Noble  LG2.86
Rimba  LG2.106
Ying Yang  LG2.103
 Fashion – Undergarments
3 dots  LG1.75
Audrey  LG1.38
Kawaii  F1.AV.22
La Senza  G1.50
Lingerie House  F1.AV.100
The Under Shop  LG1.62
 Fashion Children’s / Maternity
Anakku  LG1.28
Cotton On Kids  G1.88
gaagoo Kids  LG1.30
Girls  LG1.126
Ladybird  LG1.31
Miss Whatever  LG1.126
Modernmum  LG1.KCA
mom’s care  LG1.19
Party Princess  LG1.126
Piyo Piyo  LG1.27
PONEY  G1.87
Professor  F1.139
Starkids  LG1.72
up-to-ei8ht  LG1.KC.A1
V-Mum  LG1.32
Wonder Tots  LG1.18
World of Cartoons  LG1.20
 Fashion Ladies
Apee  F1.AV.11  F1.AV.21
BEGA  G1.68
Belle  G1.130
Cache Cache  G1.48
Center Stage  F1.AV.60
Charmz  F1.AV.38
Chiino Pieces  F1.AV.63
Chiino Plus  F1.AV.176
Choice  LG1.07
Coccha  LG1.120
D’Coupage  LG1.48
D&D  F1.50
discreet  LG1.50
Doll Couture  F1.AV.183
Dolly  LG1.93
Doodle  F1.AV.161
Dorothy Perkins  G1.17
Dressing Paula  LG1.168
eclipse  G1.63
Elements  LG1.78
ELLE  G1.15
Elle Girl  G1.07
ELYZE  LG1.116
Epese Fashion  F1.AV.143
Ethnic  F1.45
F Block  F1.85
Forever 21  G1.103
g Houzz  F1.33
Geb  LG1.57
Glitterz  F1.AV.115
Gypsy  LG2.100
House of Treats  LG1.85
I Feel Fashionista  F1.AV.15
icon  F1.50
MANGO  G1.18
Maple  F1.69
Marry Merry  LG1.68
May & LK-Series  F1.AV.165
Melody  F1.AV.101
Message  LG1.35
MISS  F1.AV.108
Miss Selfridge  G1.31
Mona  LG1.83
My Closet  F1.AV.162
My Dress Code  F1.AV.48
n core  F1.AV.97
Next Shop  F1.66
Nikita Room  F1.AV.41
Oltre Moda  LG1.91
Only You  F1.AV.142
Only.My  F1.AV.51
P&H Fashion  F1.100
Passage  F1.AV.151
Pearl Harbour  F1.AV.32
POTS-1  LG1.76
poudoudou  F1.AV.12
promod  G1.65
Retro 80’s Fashionista Boutique  F1.AV.88
S & Joy  F1.AV.106
Salabianca  G1.80
Shizzu  F1.AV.146
So Beautiful  F1.AV.30
SRS  F1.AV.149
Taipei 13  F1.AV.111
Tee Too  F1.100
Tee Too  F1.AV.145
Welcome To Ice  F1.AV.140
X’TENT (Plus Size)  LG2.113
Zero To Ten  G1.116
 Fashion Men
Camel Active  G1.105
Chardon & Wear  LG1.59
Daniel Hecther  G1.33
Jefferson  LG1.67
Philosophy Men  G1.80
Pierre Cardin  G1.125
renoma paris  G1.131
Shibuya  F1.AV.11
Smart Master  LG1.66
Timberland  G1.30
Valentino Creations  G1.111
X27  F1.AV.99
 Fashion Sports
Adidas  F1.59
al-ikhsan  F1.75
al-ikhsan women  LG1.103
Arnold Palmer  G1.29
Body Glove  LG1.79
Brooks  F1.58
Cheetah  F1.43
Converse  F1.88
Li-Ning  F1.89
Lotto  LG1.121
N Concept Store  LG1.105
Nike  F1.60
Ogival  LG1.107
Puma  G1.05
Ripcurl  G1.02
Studio R  LG1.98
Sun Paradise  LG1.108
Volcom  G1.86
 Fashion Unisex
1 X 1 TEE  F1.AV.175
2% +-x/ th: ODF  G1.25
2PM Concept  F1.51  F1.AV.07
72 Team Boutique  F1.AV.122
Atlanta  F1.58
B.U.M Equipment  LG1.70
Baleno  LG1.39
Billabong  G1.100
Black Forest  LG1.81
bossini  LG1.71
Brands Outlet  LG2.09
British India  G1.59
C@tch Up  F1.02
Calvin Klein Jeans  G1.28
Coolmax  F1.AV.06
Cotton On  G1.96
DC Comic Super Heroes  F1.03
Echo Park  F1.52
Edwin  G1.79
Esprit  G1.97
Everlast  F1.90
Extreme Shop  F1.07
F.O.S  LG1.61
G.P.S  G1.80
G2000  G1.108
Giordano  LG1.72
Goggles  LG1.117
Graffi Tee  G1.81
GUESS  G1.52
Hi Style  F1.AV.09
Hush Puppies Apparel  LG1.60
i.d by Ruffey  F1.98
Island Shop  G1.51
IZO  F1.63
JOCKEY  G1.100
Lacoste  G1.32
Lee  G1.120
Levi’s Store  G1.91
Marks & Spencer  G1.68
New Creations  F1.AV.108
nichii  LG1.05
Offline Blogshop  F1.AV.149
Old Skoll  F1.53
Padini Concept Store  LG1.129
Polo Haus  LG1.51
Quiksilver & Roxy  G1.98
Romp  F1.65
Santa Barbara  LG1.129
Solid Blue Jeans  LG1.03
Springfield  G1.07
Star Three sixty  LG1.49
SUB  G1.67
Super Heroes United  F1.58
The Executive  LG1.65
The Savile Row Company  G1.41
Topshop  G1.26
Tropicana Life  F1.09
Universal Traveller  LG1.73
Urban Tee  F1.AV.57
Valentino Rudy  G1.40
Voir Gallery  LG1.69
Wild Channel  F1.08
Winter Time  LG1.119
Wrangler  G1.90  F1.32
Zattera  LG1.02
Fleurs @ Marrakesh  LG2.122
 Food & Beverage – Cafe / Restaurant
17 Saloon  OB.K6
Ah Cheng Laksa  F1.AV.155
Ajisen Ramen  F1.58
Arrio’s Coffee Bar  F1.30
Bar.B.Q Plaza  LG2.35
Brotzeit  OB.K4
Brussels Beer Cafe  OB2.G.U1
Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.  OB.K2
Cafe Barbera  OB2.G.U2
Cafe Baskin Robbins  G1.121
canton-i  G1.112
capricciosa  OB3.LG2.2
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf  G1.RINK
Delicious  LG2.55
Dragon-i  G1.43
Esquire Kitchen  G1.42
Fig & Olive  LG2.92
Fong Lye – Taiwanese  LG1.43
Fullhouse  LG1.96
Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe  LG2.126
Georgetown White Coffee  LG2.95
Ichiban Ramen  LG2.31
Kenny Rogers Roasters  LG2.96
Kim Gary  OB2.G.U3
Ko Hyang – Korean  LG2.38
Laksa Shack  LG2.47
Little Hot Wok  F1.AV.190
Mantra Cafe  G1.42
Mr Teppanyaki  LG2.39
O’viet  G1.45
Ole-Ole Bali  OB.1C
Pacific Coffee Company  G1.131
Pappa Rich  LG1.47
Paradise Inn  OB3.LG1.7
Pasta Zanmai  F1.73
Pepper Lunch  F1.05
Pizza Papa John’s  G1.129
Porridge Time  F1.AV.187
Rainforest Bistro & Cafe  OB.K5
RM Café  F1.AV.177
Rotiboy Lifestyle Cafe  LG2.90
Ru Jia Xiao Chu  OB2.G.U3
Sakae Sushi  LG1.46
Sam Kan Chong Noodle House  LG1.45
Secret Recipe  LG2.48
Shogun Japanese Buffet  LG2.119
Simple Life Vegetarian  LG2.126
Simply Penang  LG1.41
Starbucks Coffee  G1.12
Starbucks Coffee  LG1.110
Station Kopitiam  F1.AV.147
Sushi King  LG1.42
Sushi Zanmai  OB2.F.U1
T-Bowl  F1.96
T.G.I. Fridays  F1.92
Tang Shifu  LG2.32
Tarbush  LG2.123
Teh Tarik Place  OB3.G.9
Thai Thai  OB.1D & G1.35
The Chicken Rice Shop  LG2.97
The Manhattan Fish Market  LG2.49
Tony Roma’s  LG1.43
Wong Kok Char Chan Teng  OB.K4
Yip’s Kitchen  LG2.52
Zen-Japanese  OB2.F.U2
 Food & Beverage – Snack / Confectionary
1901 Hotdogs  LG2.31 & F1.K2
Auntie Anne’s Pretzels  LG2.37
Baskin Robbins  F1.57
Bee Cheng Hiang  LG2.58
Beryl’s Chocolate  LG2
Bread Story  LG2.33
Chatime  F1.81
Chatime  OB2.G.U9
Cinnabon & Auntie Anne’s  LG1.38
Country’s Tid Bits & Candies Cottage  LG2.93
Crazy Potato  F1.MZN.02
Cupcake Chic  F1.87
Daily Fresh  F1.K1
Daily Fresh  LG2.ESC1
Dunkin Donuts  LG2.43
Famous Amos  LG2.K.12
Formosa  F1.AV.167
Fresh Fruits  F1.58
Gelato Fruity  F1.58
Haagen dazs  OB.G3
Häagen-Dazs  OB.G3
HOT & ROLL  LG2.50
Italian Conepizza  F1.58
J.Co Donuts & Coffee  LG2.127
Jerry’s Pancake  F1.K2
Juice Works  LG1-RINK
Just Pie  F1.101
Justberrys  F1.AV.152
Kebab King  F1.58
Kindori  LG1.106
Krispy Kreme  LG1.79
Loong Kee  LG2.72
LOTS  LG1.98
MBG Fresh Fruits Shop  LG2.98
McDonald’s Kiosk  F1.101
Mochi Sweets  F1.100
MOF-Japanese Sweets & Coffee  F1.67
Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt  LG2.75
Mr. Siew Bao  F1.K1
Mr.Wish  LG2.08
My Honeymoon Dessert  LG1.118
New Zealand Natural  LG1.70
Ochado  LG2.K.11
Okashiya  LG2.142
Planet Popcorn  F1.100
Pommes Frites  F1.AV.196
Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks  F1.AV.128
Shojikiya  F1.73
Shojikiya  OB2.F.U1
Show ’U’ Cafe & Bar  LG2.77
Sisters Crispy Popiah  LG2.31
Sno  LG1.112
Snowy  F1.AV.122
Stickhouse  LG2.RINK
Sunshine Kebabs  LG2.37
Takoyaki  F1.AV.198
Tarbush Express  LG2.37
The Cocoa Trees  LG2.135
The Street Café – Korean  F1.Av.197
TUTTI FRUTTI Frozen Yogurt  LG2.08
Yokomon  F1.AV.11
Zen Q  F1.15
 Food & Beverages – Fast Food
A&W  F1.55
Ayam Penyet Ria  LG2.85
Burger King  F1.10
Carl’s Jr.  LG2.121
Hartz Chicken Buffet  OB3.LG2.1
KFC  LG2.40
McDonald’s  LG2.41
Nando’s  LG2.56
Ninja Joe  F1.95
Pizza Hut  LG2.40
Popeyes  LG2.45
Subway  LG2.79
Aldo  G1.93
Bata  LG1.106
Bronx  F1.87
Camel Active Shoes  G1.119
Charles & Keith  G1.58
Clarks  LG1.92
Crocs  G1.137
DC Shoes  F1.91
Giraffe Shoes  LG1.88
Hush Pupies Shoes  LG1.36
Larrie  F1.35
Licci  F1.86
Mega Shoes  LG1.58
MOD  F1.62
nose  LG1.08
Payless Shoes  LG1.109
Santa  F1.72
Sashay  F1.46
Scholl  LG1.87
Shoez Obsession  F1.AV.10
Skechers  G1.77
Swank Shop  G1.123
Tiamo  LG1.132
TSC  LG1.80
U.R.S & Inc  G1.70
VANS  LG1.122
Vern’s Exclusive  LG1.77
Viss  LG1.33
 Gifts & Souvenirs
Arabian Nights  LG2.105
Artistic Home  LG2.102
Cubix  F1.AV.01
DZI Kingdom  LG2.83
Hello Planet  LG2.137
Hinode Shop  F1.AV.18
HOJB  LG2.87
i Wish  F1.AV.08
Kamelah Tobacco House  LG2.101
Living Cabin  LG2.148
Memory Lane  LG2.07
Mine Alesi  F1.AV.85
Minitoons  F1.81
Miss T  LG2.81
Momoyo  LG2.K.10
Pet Shop  F1.AV.36
Royal Selangor Pewter  G1.39
S&J Gift & Collection  LG2.73
SKO Concept Store  F1.AV.56
stiQie  F1.AV.173
 Haircare & Salons
A Cut Above Salon  G1.110
A Cut Above Studio & Academy  F1.19
APT Professional Team  F1.AV.03
Hair Fonts  LG2.53
Snips  LG1.101
Trim N Shave Barber Saloon  B1
X-Cut  F1.AV.20
 Health & Fitness
Celebrity Fitness Express  LG3.01
Fitness Concept  LG2.75
Johnson Fitness  LG2.78
Ogawa  LG2.132
OSIM  LG2.70
 Health Care
Caring Pharmacy  LG2.77
Cosway  LG2.28
Country Farm Organics  LG2.28
Eu Yan Sang  LG2.129
GNC  LG2.02
Guardian  LG2.06
Himalaya  LG2.130
Koong Woh Tong  LG2.131
Lo Hong Ka  LG2.79
Purple Cane  LG2.108
Watsons  LG2.67
 Home & Living
ACE Hardware  LG2.147
Akemiuchi  LG2.66
Aussino  LG2.149
Daiso  LG2.65
Dunlopillo Suite  LG2.145
Getha  LG2.146
Harvey Norman  LG2.140
HOME’S harmony  LG2.23
Kechara Paradise  LG2.70
Kian Classic  LG2.141
Kohimaran  LG2.91
Lamex  LG2.28
Lorenzo  LG2.146
Nesh  LG2.76
Sea Horse  LG2.150
Diamond & Platinum  G1.133
Diamond Boutique  G1.71
Goldheart  G1.82
My Diamond  LG2.71
Poh Kong Jewellers  LG2.82
SK Jewellery  LG2.125
Tomei  G1.82
TRANZ  G1.72
Wah Chan  LG1.118
Yume Jewellery  F1.30
 Money Changer
Mustani  LG2.42
Naz-Syah Trading  OB3.G.U5
Spectrum Cellular  LG2.61
 Music & Home Entertainment
Speedy Home Entertainment  LG2.68
Canon  LG2.30
Foto Enata  LG2.51
Fotokem  LG2.142
Photo Craft  F1.AV.77
Aeroline  OB3.LG2.1
Arokaya House (Thai Traditional Massage)  LG2.111
Foot Master Fish Spa  LG2.89
Hangers Laundrette  B1
I Serve Service Centre  CP3.01
Izufame Recycles Buy Back Centre  LG2.A.10
Karabuning Boutique Spa  LG3.01
POS Malaysia, Sunway  LG3.03
Professional Shoe Repair  B1
Reliance  F1.16
Tourist Police Pondok  G1.PP1
Za Altera  B1
Cerutti 1881  G1.117
City Chain  LG1.112
G-Factory  F1.82
moments  G1.128
P.K Time  LG1.09
Solar Time  LG2.80
Time Couture  G1.118
Time Galaxy  F1.70
Watatime  G1.61
Watchshoppe  G1.126
Anna Patchwork House  CP2.02
Genius Game  F1.40
Guitar Collection  LG2.58
MAGIC-i  F1.AV.59
My Puzzle House  F1.AV.141
Pet Lovers Centre(PLC)  LG2.26
Super Cool Hobby  F1.AV.170
The Green Beret  F1.71
Titanium Games  F1.AV.117
Toycity  LG2.62
Toys “R” Us  LG1.20
Bags & Leather Goods
Banking Services
Beauty & Wellness
Beauty Skincare / Perfumery
Books / Magazines
Digital Lifestyle
Eyewear & Optical
Fashion – Accessories
Fashion – Traditional Wear
Fashion – Undergarments
Fashion Children’s / Maternity
Fashion Ladies
Fashion Men
Fashion Sports
Fashion Unisex
Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage – Cafe / Restaurant
Food & Beverage – Snack / Confectionary
Food & Beverages – Fast Food
Gifts & Hobbies
Gifts & Souvenirs
Haircare & Salons
Health & Fitness
Health Care
Home & Living
Money Changer
Music & Home Entertainment
Pet Shop
 Orange Zone
 Red Zone
 Blue Zone
 Anchor Tenant

Welcome Night

Event: Welcome Night
Date: 27 April 2012 (Friday)
Time: 6:30 – 10:00PM

Parking Information

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre
Monday – Friday 
1st 3 hours          – RM1
Subsequent Hour – RM1
Maximum per day – RM7
Sat, Sun, eve of Public Holiday & Public Holiday 
1st 2 hours          – RM3
Subsequent Hour – RM1
Maximum per day – RM10
Ticket Lost – RM20
Open Air Car Park Opposite Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa
Monday – Friday 
1st 3 hours          – RM3
Subsequent Hour – RM1
Maximum per day – RM7
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday 
RM3 per entry per day

Ticket Lost – RM20


*Complimentary parking for those are staying in Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, and Pyramid Tower Hotel.